designer gemstone cabochons

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Hummingbird Stones Lapidary Services is now offering all the stones shown on this page, and adding more as they become available. Our extensive inventory includes opals of all types as well as a large variety of other unusual and interesting stones, available both as finished goods ready to set and as custom cut pieces to complement your unique designs.

Why Hummingbird Stones?
The origins of our name...
The ancient Aztec name for the opal they found and admired for it's similarity to the "brilliant iridescence of the hummingbird's plumage" (The World Of Opals, Eckert, 1997) was vitzitziltecpatl, which translates to "hummingbird stone" - thus the somewhat oblique reference to what is our favorite stone in our name. We sincerely hope you'll visit our site again and often as we add more "hummingbird stones" for you to choose from.